Imbibe Some Christmas Cheer at a Miracle Pop-Up

With only 7 days left until Christmas, hopefully you are just about done with your shopping, wrapping, and baking. If so, take time this week to go on a date night with your sweetie or plan a night out with pals to have drinks at one of the Miracle locations. Miracle is a holiday cocktail bar pop-up that is only open from Black Friday until Christmas Eve, and they are currently in 50 locations across the United States, Canada, Brazil, Panama, France, Greece, and China.

While many restaurants and bars may put up a tree or a bit of holiday decorations during December, Miracle pop-ups are covered with Christmas cheer from top to bottom and wall to wall. The ceiling is dripping with lights, the tables are covered with wrapping paper, and there is Christmas decor galore. I even read about one location that has a gingerbread house photo booth! The decorations are retro and kitschy, bringing forth feelings of cozy nostalgia.

Miracle does offer some snacks and small plates, such as charcuterie and cheese, manchego stuffed dates, spinach salad, Chex mix, cookies, and lamb meatballs. However, with merry names and holiday flavours, the real star of the show are the cocktails. Here are just a few drinks that caught my eye:

  • Snowball Old Fashioned – gingerbread bourbon, wormwood bitters, lemon zest
  • You’ll Shoot Your Rye Out [Ha! Get it?] – pumpkin spiced rye whiskey, Budweiser-marshmallow syrup, egg
  • Fa La La La La, La La La La – gin, aquavit, hazelnut liqueur, cardamom, vanilla, lemon, egg white, club soda
  • Jingle Ball Nog – cognac, amontillado sherry, peanut butter, almond milk, pandan, cream, nougat syrup, egg, nutmeg

Best of all, many drinks are served in rather fun holiday glasses or mugs!

As I mentioned, there are fifty Miracle locations spread all over the globe. Keep reading to see if there is one of these fun holiday cocktail pop-ups in your city!

Before visiting, make sure to check the Miracle website to confirm the hours of your local pop-up. Cheers!

United States


  • Tucson – Hosted at Elvira’s


  • Los Angeles – Miracle on Sante Fe [at Westbound]
  • Sacramento – Hosted at The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar
  • San Diego – Hosted at Polite Provisions
  • San Francisco – Miracle PCH


  • Denver – Miracle on Little Raven [at Wayward]


  • Waterbury – Miracle at Highland Brass Co.


  • Delray Beach – Miracle on Delray Beach [at Death or Glory]
  • Orlando – Miracle on Orange [at The Courtesy Bar]


  • Atlanta – Miracle on Monroe [by Big Citizen]
  • Atlanta – Miracle Two [by Big Citizen]


  • Chicago – Sippin’ Santa [at Lost Lake]*
  • Chicago – Miracle on Dearborn Street [at Brando’s Speakeasy]


  • South Bend – Miracle at The General [by Render Kitchen & Bar]


  • Louisville – Hosted at Rye


  • New Orleans – Sippin’ Santa [at Latitude 29]*


  • Baltimore – Miracle on Magothy Beach [at Mutiny Pirate Bar & Island Grille]


  • Boston – Miracle at Kimpton Marlowe [Lobby Bar]
  • Malden – Miracle at Mystic Station
  • Worcester – Miracle at The Citizen


  • Detroit – Miracle at The Skip


  • Minneapolis – Miracle at Lawless


  • Springfield – Miracle on Walnut [at Missouri Spirits]
  • St. Louis – Miracle STL

New York

  • New York – Sippin’ Santa [at Boilermaker]*
  • New York – Miracle on 9th Street [at Mace]
  • New York – Miracle on the Harbor [at Pier A Harbor House]

North Carolina

  • Asheville – Miracle on Wall Street [at MG Road]
  • Raleigh – Miracle at The Haymaker
  • Winston-Salem – Hosted at Bar Piña


  • Cincinnati – Miracle at The Overlook Lodge
  • Cleveland – Miracle at The Spotted Owl


  • Philadelphia – Miracle at In The Valley [ITV]
  • Pittsburgh – Miracle on Market [at The Original Oyster House]

South Carolina

  • Charleston – Miracle on East Bay Street [at The Gin Joint]


  • Austin – Miracle on 5th Street at The Eleanor [by The Roosevelt Room]
  • Fort Worth – Miracle in Cowtown [at Proper]


  • Seattle – Miracle on 2nd [at Rob Roy]

Washington, D.C.

  • Washington – Hosted at Mockingbird Hill


  • Madison – Miracle on King Street [at Lucille’s]
  • Milwaukee – Miracle at The Outsider

Elsewhere in the World


  • Rio de Janeiro – Miracle Rio
  • Sao Paulo – Miracle Sao Paulo


  • Montreal – Hosted at Teddy Bar
  • Montreal – Hosted at Terrasse William Gray
  • Québec – Hosted at Maelstrøm Saint-Roch
  • Sherbooke – Hosted at Irisium


  • Hong Kong – Hosted at The Lily & Bloom


  • Paris – Hosted at Glass


  • Athens – Hosted at The Trap


  • Panama City – Miracle on aMano

*Sippin’ Santa is very similar, but has more of a tiki vibe than a retro kitsch feel.


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