Raymond Around the World: Brussels

Do you ever wonder what the elves and reindeer do outside of the holidays? Believe it or not, Raymond the reindeer loves to travel. After his yearly flight, Santa shares stories of his world travels, and Raymond takes advantage of his downtime during the off-season to visit some of the places Santa has told him about.

One of the places Raymond went this year was Brussels, Belgium. We all know from the story “Raymond Learns a Lesson” that Raymond LOVES to eat. So of course while he was in Brussels, Raymond had to sample some of the local cuisine…

Raymond eating une gaufre [a waffle].
Raymond enjoying les frites [fries].

Where else do you think Raymond went this year? Stay tuned to find out! 🙂


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7 comments on “Raymond Around the World: Brussels

  • lucy said:

    I like how Raymond likes to travel and eat waffles and french fries. So do I.

  • lucy said:

    Maybe Raymond should eat some cookies with Santa this year.

  • miacornett said:

    that is too cute and funny. i LOVE that so much! merry christmas!

  • Carly02 said:

    So cute! The fries look so good! But the reindeer looks adorable! Love the picture! Ha Ha! Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho

  • whitney said:

    So cute. i wish i had all that stuff. i LOVE french toast & french fries. there are so YUM YUM YUM YUM YUMMY!

  • Dawson Willams said:

    raymond is so cool. its cool that he eats waffles.

  • Katelynn said:

    Very funny. I love the pics!

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