Raymond Visits The Elf Pal Academy

Christmas is just a few short months away… 4 months to be exact! Everyone at the North Pole is bustling about, including—you guessed it—Raymond!

It has been a while since Raymond visited the Elf Pal Academy, so he trotted over to take a look around.

First, he brought an apple for a teacher.

Raymond brings an apple for a teacher

Then he skipped down a hallway and into a classroom where he found some school supplies. He stopped for a while to color some coloring pages. (Ahhh, smell that? I love the smell of crayons in the morning!)

Raymond found school suplies

Then he spotted some books on a bookcase and grabbed a few. Raymond loves to look at pictures…

Raymond looking at pictures

And flip pages…

Raymond flipping through books

After a while, Raymond’s tummy began to rumble, and he realized it was almost time for lunch. So he swiftly put the books away and scurried home, all the while wondering what he might eat. Apples? Oranges? Hot chocolate? Popcorn? Whatever he was going to eat, he knew he would not stuff himself like the time when he learned a lesson.


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6 comments on “Raymond Visits The Elf Pal Academy

  • Noelle said:

    aw i think that the picture is so cute. i just love it. it is the cutest picure i have ever seen. thank you.

  • nakiya warren said:

    i love the cute reindeer

  • Tara said:

    So cute. Wonder what it’s doing now

  • Mary said:

    Lalalalala I loved it!! SO CUTE! lalala

  • Emma said:

    Cute very creative where did you get that idea

  • Whitney said:

    I Want Raymond In My School. I’m Jealous! HAHAHA!!!

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