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Christmas Table Centerpiece

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Typically, florists call this type of arrangement “long & low.” These arrangements are meant to be stay on a table, even during mealtimes. They are also appropriate for a coffee table or a fireplace mantel. It is low so that you can see across the table, and it’s long—meaning that the linear flowers are used to add length and not height. In this centerpiece, I used greenery (instead of flowers) to add length. You can use whatever flowers or greenery you like—just be sure to get face flowers, linear flowers, filler and greens.


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Dainty Silky Flowers


I love these flowers! These delicate flowers get their shape from sealing the edges with a flame. I used a polyester beige-yellow satin and a white lining material for the petals, but you could try another type of synthetic material. (NOTE: Natural fibers will not melt the same as synthetic materials. In fact, they will burn.) Purchasing new fabric for crafts can become pretty pricey, so here are some tips so you don’t break the bank: sift through the remnants bin at your craft store; look around your home for garments you no longer wear; or shop at a local thrift store.


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