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Gnome In Your Home


Meet the Christmas gnomes. Left to right: Papa G, Mama G, Kiddo G, and Baby G. Kiddo’s hat is just a teensy bit too large, but it’s Papa’s old hat, and Kiddo can’t wait to grow into it. Aren’t they cute? They’re round, fluffy, and just a wee bit bouncy!

Make one or more—these guys are a great gift idea! With magnets on their feet, they are simply adorable as jar toppers. (Looking for homemade gift ideas in a jar? Click here.) They also might like to hop on your refrigerator or filing cabinet! Who knows what other mischievous things these gnomes might get into…

Playful Puppies


These little pups will definitely brighten any dog lover’s day. These felt ornaments are a bit less involved than my other felt ornaments, such as the basset hound. I used glue to attach many of the pieces rather than sewing, which makes it a fun craft for kids! I used hot glue, but you can substitute felt glue if you want to make it more kid-friendly. I included two puppy patterns in the template for your crafting pleasure. Have fun making some!

Paper Palm Trees

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When coming up with decoration ideas for your Christmas in July party, think of it as a summer-meets-Christmas mash-up. It’s hard not to associate summer with the beach, so palm trees make an excellent wall decoration. I found the paper at a school supply store, and I used tape to stick it onto the wall, but if you had a large corkboard (in a classroom, for example) you could use a stapler instead.


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A Beach… at the North Pole?

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Where can you find snow spilling out of beach buckets? At the North Pole! This is the Arctic beach where snowman can sunbathe and NOT melt! You can also find an Arctic beach in your home… if you make this centerpiece, of course! ;)

The easiest way to recreate this centerpiece is to use or buy the buckets, batting, pompoms, and ornaments of mixed sizes. If you want to get a little craftier, you can make your own glitter ornaments (click here for instructions). Want to stick to a monochromatic Christmas theme, perhaps? Or maybe just shiny silvers and golds? Whatever direction you want to take this craft, enjoy it and make your own Christmas in July centerpiece.

Tree People for the Kids’ Table


This is a great project for kids! Perhaps you are making a centerpiece for your dinner party, but your little ones want to help. Here’s a fun idea—jazz up the branches with a few accessories and wiggly eyes and use them as centerpieces for the kids’ table.  I used the leftover pieces of tree branches from when I made the tree card holders. You may also recall my earlier posts about burlap runners, balls, bunting, and yarn pompoms. These cheery, little, tree characters are a great way to have the kids’ table decor match the adult table!

Paper Bauble Garland

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These fun baubles make a cute garland, but are also pretty as a stand-alone ornament. This is a great activity if you have lots of hands to keep busy, as it expedites the process. I used the 1-inch circle punch for this, but you may use a larger one if you like. This will produce a garland that is about 48 inches long. You may space the baubles however you like—closer together or further apart.

Gifts in a Jar


Gifts in a jar are a Christmas classic. They are a great way to share your tasty baked goods (or other homemade goodies) during the holidays. But no one wants to give a plain ol’ jar! So today I’m exploring different ways to dress up your jar! Since these jars are fairly small in size (as far as presents are concerned), it doesn’t take much to snazz them up! I just dug through my box of recycled wrapping supplies and used what I had.

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