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Wintery Candle Holders


You can create many different gifts with just a few colors of paint and stencils. Turn jars into candle holders (oh yeah, bring on the thriftiness!) or you can buy candle holders. The dollar store always has several different types of glassware suitable for candles and other gifts. When shopping in-store, it gets harder to find the popular stuff the closer it gets to Christmas, so shop early! If you are planning on getting lots of glassware, you can even order in bulk online at and pick it up in the store. (Free shipping!) It’s a huge time saver—no more store hopping trying to find all the items you need, and you don’t have to wait for the cashier to wrap all the items at the register.

A Holiday Pin Board

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This pin board is a great way to display Christmas cards, pictures, or anything you want. Embellish the top with silk flowers and greenery for a seasonal touch.

I found my foam while scrounging around the closet in the Elf Clubhouse, but you can use a variety of things to make yours. Large sheets of green foam can be found at the craft store. You could repurpose an old corkboard that you may have lying around the house. Sometimes you can find big blocks of foam inside boxes of large purchases [e.g., TV]. Or make one by stacking sheets of cardboard together.  Thrift stores are also great places to find materials for craft projects!

It is not ideal to hang boards made of foam, but they are very pretty when displayed on an easel, mantelpiece, or even propped upon a table.

Christmas Luminary


I love the way that candles glow and the way that the light bounces and reflects off of glass. Here’s a simple and budget friendly table centerpiece. I found the vase and glass pebbles at the dollar store, and I pulled the tealights and their holders out of the closet. If you don’t have tealight holders, you can easily reuse any glass jars, such as baby food jars. The only kicker is to save them ahead of time. I stockpile jars on the corner of my counter until they begin to dominate my counter space—at which point I box them up and tuck them away in the closet.

Festive Christmas Candies

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This idea came from Nancy, a friend of the elves. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing it with us! Simply cover chocolates in wrapping paper to make wintery Christmas candies. This is a great way to use any scraps of paper or pieces too small to wrap a gift! Arrange several of these candies in a Christmas tin or on a small plate for a candy wreath.

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