Raymond Around the World: London

During his downtime this year, Raymond ate his way around Brussels, Belgium and enjoyed the historical monuments in India. Where else did he go? Well, as you read in the story “Reindeer Games,” Raymond enjoys some friendly competition, so of course he had to go to London, England during the Summer Olympics!

Raymond smiling in front of Tower Bridge which bear the Olympic rings

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10 comments on “Raymond Around the World: London

  • BG said:

    this is soooo cute. love it soooo much!!!

  • brooke morris said:

    Is raymond home? because if he is i bet he’s tired

  • madi said:

    oh that is so cute but make sure he doesnt fall off that bridge thing


  • Becky

    Becky said:

    @ Brooke ~ Yes, Raymond is back home at the North Pole now. He isn’t too tired, plus I think he’s too excited about Christmas to be sleepy!

    @ Madi ~ Don’t worry, Raymond didn’t go for a swim in the Thames!

  • Katelynn said:

    Nice wording with the swim thing. Oh, and I like the pics too!

  • rebecca said:

    it is funny that Raymond was eating waffles and fries

  • Anna said:

    I hope that Raymond didn’t miss out on the holiday festivities because of the time change on his flight 🙂 Love the pic!

  • Addison said:

    I love that picture! Hello Raymond!

  • payton said:

    how cute. it looks so cute.

  • Olivia said:

    I am liking the blog

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