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Etsy Item of the Day: Cozy Polar Bear Ornament


As if this polar bear ornament wasn’t adorable enough in the first place, he’s also wearing a sweater to up the cuteness factor. Each handmade polar bear is personalized with an initial embroidered on his sweater, and there are several lovely sweater colour options to choose from. This ursine decoration would be a sweet addition to anyone’s Christmas tree.
Cozy Polar Bear Ornament

Etsy Seller: Ordinary Mommy

Raymond Around the World: Japan

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Raymond has been quite the little traveller during his downtime this year. We’ve already told you about his adventures in Ventura, Portland, Orlando, and San Francisco, but he also travelled to places outside of the United States. Any guesses on where he went?


When I told Raymond that I was going to Tokyo, Japan to visit a friend from university, he begged me to let him tag along. And how could I say no to his sweet reindeer face? Japan is one of my favourite countries, so I was excited for Raymond to experience it, too.

Raymond taking in Tokyo from our balcony in SetagayaRaymond taking in Tokyo from our balcony in Setagaya

If you’ve been reading about Raymond’s escapades and if you know me at all, you know that we both love to experience new and different foods, especially when travelling. For me, trying out local cuisine is one of the best parts of travelling! Finding vegetarian dishes in Japan can be a little tricky, but we definitely found plenty to make our bellies happy :)

One Japanese dish I love is miso soup, and I was delighted with this giant, hot bowl that I had at Misogen. Full of okra, mushrooms, greens, and tofu skin, this soup really hit the spot for lunch. The steamed rice served with umeboshi [pickled plum] was an excellent accompaniment.

About to chow down at MisogenAbout to chow down at Misogen

When we decided that we wanted to try a new food, monjayaki, we headed over to Monja Street in Tsukishima where there are literally dozens of monjayaki restaurants to choose from. Monjayaki is pan-fried batter filled with chopped veggies and/or meat. It’s sort of a runnier version of one of my absolute favourite Japanese dishes, okonomiyaki [savoury pancake]. For both of these, you usually cook the food on a grill right at your table. However, with monjayaki, you eat it directly off the grill using a wee spatula.

nrt3Raymond and our natto monjayaki

Where else in the world do you think Raymond went this year? Stayed tuned to find out! :)

Etsy Item of the Day: Round Things Are Tasty Tote

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This charming tote bag will make a nice Christmas gift for the foodie or the chef in your life. No matter what cuisine your BFF prefers, there’s an diverse mix of round foods on the bag. Jammie Dodger, anyone? How about a burger patty or daifuku? Your food lovin’ friend can use this baggie for toting around books, groceries, or whatever else their heart desires.

Etsy Seller: Maigocute

Etsy Item of the Day: Candy Cane & Gingerbread Man Earrings

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When I was searching for a pair of candy cane earrings and came across these earrings, I was tickled pink! The candy cane by itself is a fun classic, but I just love the addition of the gingerbread man who looks like he decided to hitch a ride on the earring. Not only are these earrings cute, but they are also handmade with polymer clay.
Candy Cane & Gingerbread Man Earrings

Etsy Seller: Dainty Geekery

Etsy Item of the Day: Squirrel Christmas Card

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When I came across this squirrel card on Etsy, I was immediately drawn to the sweet playfulness of these two squirrels exchanging gift atop a telephone wire. I love the city skyline with Christmas trees accented with a few snowflakes. :) I had a really hard time choosing which card to feature because I really like several in this Etsy shop. That being said, I also really love this sheep card and this owl card.

Etsy Seller: Lisa’s Gallery
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