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Two Months To Go!


Christmas is drawing closer, and with each passing day the elves are busy preparing for the big day. There are only 2 months until Christmas, and there is still so much work to do! While the elves are working as fast as they can, Raymond is getting excited. Oh, yes, even more excited than usual. :)

Raymond eats pumpkin treats (and other mischief)

This is the beginning of the happiest time of the year at the North Pole. There’s a buzz in the workshop from the sound of hammers tinkering, swooshing paintbrushes, scissors shearing, ribbons being snipped and curled, and the elves whistling as they work.

In the kitchen, Mrs. Claus is busy baking and trying out new recipes. Baking brings her so much joy; she seems to effortlessly whirl around the kitchen as she measures each ingredient precisely and decorates each cookie. The sweet smell of sugar and cinnamon drifts out of the kitchen throughout the village, stirring the appetites of Santa and the elves.

Elsewhere, the crisp aroma of evergreens freshens the air wherever wreaths and garlands are hung. Tonight, the elves will gather together to sip hot cocoa and try out Mrs. Claus’ new cookies, whilst deciding how to decorate the various trees around the village this season.

Are you as excited as we are? How will you prepare for Christmas this year?

Kickstart Your Merrymaking


We elves love most everything creative. Be it an inventive cookie recipe, a new sewing technique, or music that mashes up various genres, we get excited over new ideas. If you’re like us and would enjoying checking out some imaginative and sometimes unusual ideas, head on over to Kickstarter, a website whose mission is “to help bring creative projects to life.”

Raymond perusing Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a platform for creators to announce and explain their projects to the world and for other folks to donate money to help make these projects become a reality. The site includes all different categories of projects, such as music, food, technology, design, and more, and the projects can range from $700 needed to print a run of t-shirts to $1,000,000 needed to create a telescope [a publicly accessible space telescope, actually—how awesome is that?!].

Since there are only 3 months until Christmas [yowza!], I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of my favourite festive Kickstarter projects, so without further ado…

Ximena’s super cool-funky-unique Hol.i.dAy album !

The singer & project creator, Ximena Borges, describes this album as “infusing holiday music with a breath of fresh air! All one voice, one body, no snow required—must hear twice to believe!!” Just watch the video, and you’ll hear was Ximena is talking about!

I know you’re tapping your toes now, so help fund Ximena’s album here.

Tree Man Documentary

This documentary by Brad Rothschild and Jon Reiner about men who spend a month selling Christmas trees on the sidewalks of New York City each year sounds like it will give viewers an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the commercial side of the holiday season.

Donate to the Tree Man documentary here.

A Cookie Revolution: It’s Not Biscotti. It’s A Marlo.

Baker-creator Marlo Gertz says, “I’ve taken my Grandmother’s Old World recipe for unique, twice-baked cookies and made them contemporary and even more delicious.” The cookies in the video look fabulous—mmm!

The rewards for backing Marlo’s project are cookies, so how could you not donate to her project? ;)

Stetson’s Christmas Adventure

I love anything with dogs, so even the adorable Kickstarter video for this film by Nancy Ogden was tugging at my heart strings.

Help Stetson the pup continue his acting career by backing this Kickstarter project.

Chelsea Market Holiday Snowflake Installation

This art installation by Chelsea Hrynick Browne will consist of hundreds of hand-cut origami snowflakes, and the project sounds fun, interesting, and beautiful.

Let Chelsea bring some beauty to NYC this holiday season by backing her art installation project.

Raymond Visits The Elf Pal Academy


Christmas is just a few short months away… 4 months to be exact! Everyone at the North Pole is bustling about, including—you guessed it—Raymond!

It has been a while since Raymond visited the Elf Pal Academy, so he trotted over to take a look around.

First, he brought an apple for a teacher.

Raymond brings an apple for a teacher

Then he skipped down a hallway and into a classroom where he found some school supplies. He stopped for a while to color some coloring pages. (Ahhh, smell that? I love the smell of crayons in the morning!)

Raymond found school suplies

Then he spotted some books on a bookcase and grabbed a few. Raymond loves to look at pictures…

Raymond looking at pictures

And flip pages…

Raymond flipping through books

After a while, Raymond’s tummy began to rumble, and he realized it was almost time for lunch. So he swiftly put the books away and scurried home, all the while wondering what he might eat. Apples? Oranges? Hot chocolate? Popcorn? Whatever he was going to eat, he knew he would not stuff himself like the time when he learned a lesson.

5 Months To Go…


Happy July 25th! Christmas is getting closer—it’s only 5 months away. We have been celebrating Christmas all month long. We had a Christmas in July party and made lots of fun decorations. Check out some of our party ideas such as s’more snowmen, leafy paper garland, pretty glittered ornaments, and palm tree wall decorations, just to name a few.

While we were cleaning up after the party, Raymond began to play with some of the decorations…

Raymond is covered in snow!

Silly Raymond! Don’t get stuck in the snow!

Raymond’s Photo Shoot


Hiya folks! The spring months are upon us, and Christmas is just 7 months away. The elves are busy working, and the reindeer are preparing for the big day. Raymond is too little for reindeer training, so what is a young reindeer to do?

Well, he is counting down the days until Christmas, but that’s not all… Bored during a recent snowstorm, he put on some different outfits and had a photo shoot!

Raymond's photo shoot

Which picture is your favorite?

Raymond’s Sporty Dream


Happy April 25th! We’re counting down the months until Christmas, and today marks just 8 months to go. It’s springtime, so you know what that means… it’s baseball season! Wait a second—there’s baseball at the Northpole? Well, kind of… Santa, the elves, the reindeer, and especially Raymond love to watch baseball on the TV.

Not only does Raymond love baseball, but he also loves many other sports. Remember when Raymond went to London, England during the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Raymond has been very excited about baseball for several weeks. He watches it whenever he can, talks about it quite a bit, and pretends to play baseball with snowballs.

One afternoon when Raymond was taking his mid-day nap, he fell into a deep sleep and dreamt about baseball.

In his dream, he went to a baseball park.

He stood on home plate, pretending to slide into home, scoring the win!

Then he trotted around the pitcher’s mound.

He even dreamt he got a signed baseball by his favorite player.

He wanted to try on the fielder’s glove, but it didn’t fit him. Silly Raymond! That’s not how you wear a baseball glove!

When he woke up, Raymond excitedly told everyone at Santa’s Secret Village about his dream!

Later that night, Raymond found a baseball next to his pillow. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all ;)

Raymond Goes to California’s Coast!


Greetings, folks! Our Christmas countdown continues, and to celebrate today—March 25th—I’m sending you a hearty salutation, saying “Happy 9 months until Christmas!”

As you probably know by now, Raymond loves to travel. So when he heard that I was traveling to California, he eagerly offered to accompany me on the trip. While we were there, we took a stroll along the coast in Ventura, CA. We enjoyed the salty scent of the Pacific Ocean and the peaceful surging and ebbing of the waves on the beach.

After gazing at the beautiful scenery, Raymond trotted off to play in the sand. He dug a hole in the sand with his shovel and guess what happened next?

He covered himself with a mound of sand… with a little bit of help from me ;)

Then Raymond spotted some seagulls.

He was tempted to chase after them, but just as he realized that wouldn’t be a kind thing to do, the seagulls flew away.

What else do you think Raymond is up to?

10 Months and Counting


Greetings! It’s February 25th… just 10 months until Christmas is here! I bet you all are bustling about—thinking about school, work, and family. I’ve been busy drawing, sewing, and crafting—making all sorts of fun things. (There will be more about that later. ;) ) As I walked into the workroom the other day, look what I stumbled upon…

Yup! You guessed it. Raymond.

He eagerly came to the workroom to help me pick out some ribbon for my most recent project, but he got all tangled!

I could go on and on about all the wonderful things happening at the North Pole, but I’d like to hear from you.

What have you been up to this month?

Raymond Bakes (Healthy!) Cookies


Happy New Year!! And Happy January 25th—Christmas is exactly 11 months away! I hope you all brought in the new year with much joy. This time of year, there’s usually a buzz about eating healthier, exercising more, spending more time with family, etc. What are your plans or resolutions for the new year?

I did make a resolution to eat healthier (again), but what I’m more excited about is (drumroll, please)… trying a new recipe every week. So far so good! I’ve tried a handful of recipes from a healthy cookbook, and I found my new favorite cookie recipe! They are called Carnival Cookies. They’re primarily made from bananas and oats, so they’re super healthy and you don’t need to feel guilty if you’ve eaten 5 or 6! ;) I shared the first batch of cookies with the other elves and reindeer here at the North Pole, and everyone loved them!

Especially Raymond.

Raymond loved the cookies so much that he begged me make another batch of cookies. It didn’t take much prodding for me to agree to bake some more. (Who can say no to cookies?) So Raymond and I headed to the pantry to gather the ingredients.

But first we needed to put on our aprons.

Then we got all the ingredients together. Raymond mashed the bananas while I mixed the dry ingredients.

After we added all the ingredients, we put the cookies on baking sheets, and then popped them in the oven to bake. About 15 minutes later, Mrs. Claus took them out of the oven. In the meantime, Raymond and I eagerly waited for the cookies to cool.

Looking for more yummy recipes? Click here to view the recipes in Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen.

What’s your favorite cookie?


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Raymond Around the World: London


During his downtime this year, Raymond ate his way around Brussels, Belgium and enjoyed the historical monuments in India. Where else did he go? Well, as you read in the story “Reindeer Games,” Raymond enjoys some friendly competition, so of course he had to go to London, England during the Summer Olympics!

Raymond smiling in front of Tower Bridge which bear the Olympic rings
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