5 Months To Go…

Happy July 25th! Christmas is getting closer—it’s only 5 months away. We have been celebrating Christmas all month long. We had a Christmas in July party and made lots of fun decorations. Check out some of our party ideas such as s’more snowmen, leafy paper garland, pretty glittered ornaments, and palm tree wall decorations, just to name a few.

While we were cleaning up after the party, Raymond began to play with some of the decorations…

Raymond is covered in snow!

Silly Raymond! Don’t get stuck in the snow!


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9 comments on “5 Months To Go…

  • I found my way here via Enter with a Christmas Heart blog. Your photography is so good! Love your style!

  • Mary

    Mary said:

    Hi Terri, I am so glad you found us. Thank you very much for your warm compliments!

  • sarah said:

    i am a MASSIVE fan of Christmas and just Googled Christmas and came across this site and i love it, and all theses ideas you have are fab! and the photos are beautiful! i will be using some of theses to make mine and my kids Christmas extra special 🙂

  • Becky

    Becky said:

    Sarah, I’m so thrilled you like Northpole.com! We’ll be posting on the Elf Blog even more in November and December, so make sure to check back then 🙂

  • Emily said:

    I love this site and have done for many, many years. enjoy popping online every single hour on Christmas eve to watch Santa and join in with festive activities in December. I pop n this site a lot to see how many days left or to play a game or two. love this site!

  • Becky

    Becky said:

    Thank you, Emily! So glad you enjoy Northpole.com 😀

  • Emmalie said:

    Wow !! I love the photographs . I also love this site it’s brilliant !

  • Olivia said:

    So sweet it brightens up my day

  • Kelsey said:


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