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Category Archives: Etsy Item of the Day

Etsy Item of the Day: Return Address Labels

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We all have several Christmas cards to send out every year, so why not add a festive return address label to your envelopes? If you’ve already sent out all your Christmas cards, go ahead and check out all the other whimsical labels from this Etsy shop. You’ll find labels, hang tags, and stickers for your holiday gifts, like baked goods, gable boxes, wine bottles, and more.
Return Address Labels

Etsy Seller: Stick ‘em up! Labels

Etsy Item of the Day: Handmade Salt & Pepper Shakers

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I would love to have a beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers, such as this handmade set. I like the icy blue tones, the varying depths of color, and how the branches’ tips look like snow has just fallen. These sculptural evergreens stand 4.5" tall and come with a matching tray. They are so pretty that your dinner guests may mistake them for decorations! ;)
Handmade Salt & Pepper Shakers

Etsy Seller: Blue Sky Pottery

Etsy Item of the Day: Wooden Octopus Ornament

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Someone very special in my life loves octopuses, so I couldn’t resist this happy octopus ornament. By the look on his face, I think the octopus is as pleased as we are that the holiday season is here! The cute design is burned onto an unfinished wooden circle, and the ornament can even be personalized with a name and date.
Wooden Octopus Ornament

Etsy Seller: Rogue Rhino

Etsy Item of the Day: Hand Felted Elf Slippers



{Insert a moment of silence as I ogle over these slippers.}

I am so in love with these slippers. I adore the perfect little twist at the toe of the shoe. I really want a pair in EVERY color! White, pink, yellow… yes, definitely every color. There are just no words to describe how much I love these elf shoes.

Etsy Seller: Owly Boutique
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