10 Festive Ways to Address Envelopes This Holiday Season

When sending out your holiday cards this year, why not make the envelope as special as what’s contained inside? Receiving a card enveloped in a unique design makes opening it twice as fun! Read on for ten neat ways to dress up your envelopes.

1. Metallic Christmas Tree

Lindsey Bugbee of The Postman’s Knock has lots of ideas for giving your holiday cards and envelopes a stunning look. I really love how she fills the square envelope with a metallic tree, pretty diagonal lettering, flourishes, and unique postage stamps! For more inspiration from Lindsey, including a step-by-step tutorial on drawing a metallic Christmas tree, click here.

2. Trees Galore

Crystal Kate of Live. Craft. Create. is full of fun, festive ways to address an envelope. From tree doodles to writing out the address in the shape of a tree, I’m inspired by Crystal’s pine fresh ideas! Be sure to check out her blog to see more.

3. A Christmas Present

By drawing thick horizontal and vertical lines, you can make an envelope look like a Christmas present. I especially love the hand drawn pine needles, holly leaves, and pinecones on this envelope. And even if calligraphy isn’t your style, your everyday handwriting will look quite nice with this embellishment.

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4. Keep It Simple

You can make an envelope look nice without lots of details. Here, the name is more prominent than the address and a single wisp of greenery adds a festive touch. If you don’t feel like addressing envelopes yourself, check out this artist’s Etsy shop, and she’ll gladly address envelopes for you.

5. Flying Through the Sky

The curved line on this envelope brings to mind Santa’s sleigh flying though the sky. I’m imagining each card magically flying through the postal service and into each recipient’s mailbox!

6. Playing with Line Weights

I love the balance of thick and thin lettering on these envelopes. The bold lettering of the family name provides a nice contrast to the thinner lines of the address. And the combination of green and red ink on the brown envelope feels a bit rustic, which is a nice touch!

7. Drawing Circles

When you start with a simple circle, you can embellish it several ways. In these two cards, the address is contained within a circular shape: a striped ornament on one and a circle with holly clusters on the other. I’m thinking you could also draw a simple wreath with abstract leaves. (Pro tip: Always draw in pencil first, then trace over your lines with pen.)

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8. Pops of Red and Green

Red and green ink gives this white envelope a strong pop of holiday color! Also, I find the little bitty banner utterly charming. To have this calligrapher address your holiday envelopes, click here to visit her site.

9. Whimsical Flourishes

Give your envelopes a whimsical feel when you add flourishes to select letters. The curlicues on “Street” and “Herrin” here are so lovely!

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10. Put a Tag On It

How clever is this design!? This calligrapher contained each address within a hand drawn gift tag. If you want your own holiday cards to look this neat, have Calligraphy by Carrie do them for you. I’m sure everyone who receives your card will be raving about the envelope design—I know I would!


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