2018 Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet Gift Ideas

Yesterday Pantone announced the 2018 Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet. As I mentioned when writing about Greenery last year, I am a total colour nerd, so each year I am excited to see what hue Pantone selects. Ultra Violet—a deep and mystifying shade of purple—is gorgeous. [It’s actually one of the colours in my hair right now!]

Pantone pulled together a list of products in Ultra Violet, but since we elves love makers so much, I scoured Etsy for handmade wares in the Colour of the Year. Take a look at the goodies below and perhaps buy something for your colour-loving friends and family this Christmas.

Pantone 2018 Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet Gift Ideas

The Ultra Violet Items:

  1. Felt Flower Brooch • Pocket Full Posies

  2. Sinamay Fascinator • Sophie Shields Millinery

  3. Lavender Chandelier • The Krafty Karger

  4. Ceramic Lotus Ring Dish • dgordon

  5. Teardrop Druzy Earrings • River Birch Jewelry

  6. “Depart at Dusk” Hidden Pocket Travel Scarf • Travel Queen of Scarves

  7. Knitted Accent Scarf • Sundberg Studio

  8. Dog Bow Tie Collar • LA Dog Store

  9. Tea Length Tulle Skirt • Evolet Fashion

  10. Poppy Felted Clutch Purse • SNEAL Made

  11. Natural Amethyst with Air Plant • Pine District

  12. Sparkling Yarn-Wrapped Necklace • MARISCAPES

  13. Paper Ball Mobile • Atelier By Ella

  14. Giant Bow Headband • SHAPOH

  15. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Art Print • Nest Print Art

  16. Tassel Earrings • EARRANGRANGS

  17. Octopus Plushie • TayTier

  18. Starry Bear Companion Hard Enamel Pin • Lauvtrekin


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