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NEW! Raymond the Reindeer Stickers for iMessage

Add some festive fun to your conversations this holiday season with Raymond the Reindeer Stickers for iMessage! This Christmas sticker set contains 28 awesome stickers featuring Raymond doing all kinds of holiday activities, such as wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, drinking hot chocolate, singing Christmas carols, and much more.

Download the Raymond the Reindeer sticker pack today for only $0.99!

Get Raymond the Reindeer Stickers

Matching Family Pajamas: A New Christmas Tradition

Aren’t traditions one of the key things that makes Christmas so special? Growing up, one of my favorite days each year was when we would set up the Christmas tree. My family would visit the nearby tree farm and trudge the snowy fields, looking for the freshest, healthiest tree we could find. (It had to be a white pine.) Once we got back to the house, decorating ensued, accompanied by cookies and hot chocolate. Ah, the memories! These days, my childhood is far behind me, and I’m beginning to establish traditions of my own.

One Christmas tradition that I’ve been wanting to implement is for my husband and me to wear matching Christmas pajamas! Over the last few years, I’ve seen more and more families in their matching duds, be it in a picture shared on social media or on a holiday card. If you (like me) are pining for some matching jammies this Christmas, here are a few festive sets.

Matching Family Pajamas
  1. Made from stretchy fabric, these Christmas Stripes Pajamas have red and green striped bottoms and your choice of a red or green top. You can even get a matching bandana for your dog or cat!

  2. This two-piece Red Stripes Pajama Set is comfy and perfect for lounging around the house. You can choose from either a striped top or a solid red top.

  3. Made from fleece, these Red Snowflake Pajamas are available in two styles: the children’s pajamas are a one-piece, and the adult pajamas come with a hood and removable feet.

  4. Plaid Thermal Pajamas are available with either a button-up flannel shirt or a red thermal knit top. There’s even a matching nightgown for little girls and dolls!

Are matching Christmas pajamas a tradition in your family? Let us know in the comments below!

Merry Kickstarter Campaigns

KickstarterSince we elves enjoy making things at work and in our spare time, we love creative projects from other folks as well—be it yummy food, lovely music, or cute crafts. So, it’s time once again this year to highlight some fabulous festive projects that are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, a website whose mission is “to help bring creative projects to life.”

Ugly Christmas Sweater Pins

Wear your love for Christmas on your lapel with one of these ugly Christmas sweater pins. Made from soft enamel, choose between Santa’s reindeer, Frosty the snowman, Christmas tree, party lights, candy cane, North Pole penguin, North Pole bunny, or Gingerbread. [Although, as a North Pole resident, I have to point out that that should be South Pole penguin!]

Back this campaign here and receive one or more pins. Campaign ends on Tuesday, 5 December.

Snow Day! A Story Told in 24 Poem Forms

A fun, wintery tale, Snow Day! A Story Told in 24 Poem Forms features 24 different, classic forms of poetry along with custom, hand drawn illustrations. Children will enjoy the amusing story, while parents and teachers will appreciate the variety of poetry. The book even includes an index of all the poem forms, should kiddos want to try their hand at writing a poem.

Back Snow Day! on Kickstarter here. Campaign ends this Friday, 1 December.

Chocolate Collections by Cacao Review

Cacao Review creates ethical, micro-batch chocolate treats, and by backing their campaign, you can try their limited edition craft chocolate. They offer a variety of rewards, such as hazelnut butter cups, s’mores bars, drinking chocolate, and vanilla raspberry bars, as well as some goodies for true chocoholics, like a cacao pod pin and chocolate tasting book.

If you love chocolate as much as we elves do, back this campaign today! Campaign ends this Friday, 1 December.

Hark! A Walking Roots Band Christmas

Add to your holiday music collection with Hark! A Walking Roots Band Christmas, a new album from the folk band. This album features some classic songs, along with some original tunes.

Back this campaign to get your hands on a digital download, physical CD, or box set. Campaign ends this Friday, 1 December.

A Winter Cocktail Kit from Woodward Extract Co.

Based in Brooklyn, Woodward Extract Co. produces and bottles small-batch flavour extracts, and for the holiday season, they are offering a Winter Cocktail Kit that contains four festive flavours: cardamom, clove, star anise, and sage. With these tinctures, you will be able to mix interesting cocktails using the included recipe cards—or come up with recipes all your own.

Up your mixology game by backing this campaign. Rewards include the Winter Cocktail Kit, Cardamom Mulling Kit, cocktail class for two, and more. Campaign ends on Thursday, 14 December.

Christmas Movie Pins: Elf

Not surprisingly, all of us up here at the North Pole adore the film Elf, so of course I love these Elf-inspired enamel pins. All four pins have the Christmas spirit, and three include some fun details: Mr. Narwal’s tusk and “Son of a nutcracker” are glittery and the World’s Best Cup of Coffee sign glows in the dark.

If you want these pins, back this campaign today, as it ends this Thursday, 30 November.

10 Festive Ways to Address Envelopes This Holiday Season

When sending out your holiday cards this year, why not make the envelope as special as what’s contained inside? Receiving a card enveloped in a unique design makes opening it twice as fun! Read on for ten neat ways to dress up your envelopes.

1. Metallic Christmas Tree

Lindsey Bugbee of The Postman’s Knock has lots of ideas for giving your holiday cards and envelopes a stunning look. I really love how she fills the square envelope with a metallic tree, pretty diagonal lettering, flourishes, and unique postage stamps! For more inspiration from Lindsey, including a step-by-step tutorial on drawing a metallic Christmas tree, click here.

2. Trees Galore

Crystal Kate of Live. Craft. Create. is full of fun, festive ways to address an envelope. From tree doodles to writing out the address in the shape of a tree, I’m inspired by Crystal’s pine fresh ideas! Be sure to check out her blog to see more.

3. A Christmas Present

By drawing thick horizontal and vertical lines, you can make an envelope look like a Christmas present. I especially love the hand drawn pine needles, holly leaves, and pinecones on this envelope. And even if calligraphy isn’t your style, your everyday handwriting will look quite nice with this embellishment.

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Wrap Your Holidays with Washi Tape!

One of my absolute favorite things in the world is washi tape! It comes in so many lovely patterns, colors, and widths that I can’t get enough washi tape in my life. Each time I pop into an office supply store, I must walk down the tape aisle to see if there are new patterns available. I’ve got it bad, right? 😉

I rationalize my obsession because washi tape is so functional and versatile. I frequently use it to wrap gifts, embellish gift bags, make cards, and decorate candles. One really fun thing I made recently was some washi tape twist ties; they’re perfect for tying off little treat bags! Since I can’t get enough decorative tape in my life, I thought it would be fun to share some of my current festive favorites with you.

Wrap Your Holidays with Washi Tape
  1. Oh my goodness, the sparkles! This metallic tape technically isn’t washi tape, but it’s so pretty that I had to include it. I have a several rolls of this metallic tape in my stash. Not only is it perfect for the holidays, but it’s one that I use all year for various occasions.

  2. This trio of tape is so dainty and shimmery—I love it! You can use it to embellish gift boxes, bags, or even on the envelopes of your holiday cards.

  3. You get 8 rolls in this holiday tape bundle for only $15—that’s a steal! I get stoked whenever I can find tape for less than $2 per roll. 😉

  4. I’m in love with this Scandinavian moose tape! This design is discontinued by MT, so the best way to get it is on Etsy. Depending where you live, you may prefer to buy it from this shop (UK) or this shop (US).

  5. You can’t go wrong with classic red and green tape in your collection. Solid colors always pair well with most wrapping papers and other patterned tapes like the moose tape above.

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