Raymond Around the World: Atlanta Braves Game

Raymond has been such a good little reindeer this year that I planned a fun surprise for him during the autumn before we started getting really busy preparing for Christmas. Remember Raymond’s dream from the springtime when he was obsessing about baseball? Well, I took Raymond down to Atlanta, Georgia to attend an Atlanta Braves game! We had a fabulous time watching the Braves take on the San Diego Padres, and Raymond had an absolute blast taking everything in—the organ music, the lights, the grass, the wave, the nachos, and of course the game!

Raymond at the Atlanta Braves GameRaymond rooting for the home team
Raymond at the Atlanta Braves GameOne happy reindeer
Raymond at the Atlanta Braves GameScoping out the outfield

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5 comments on “Raymond Around the World: Atlanta Braves Game

  • Karlee said:

    Thats really cute.

  • joe said:

    my kids really liked this post

  • Delaney said:

    my son loves these pictures

  • Becky

    Becky said:

    So glad you guys and your children are enjoying the photos! I certainly enjoy travelling with Raymond 🙂

  • tepora said:

    i love that photo. i just love it.

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