Raymond’s Sporty Dream

Happy April 25th! We’re counting down the months until Christmas, and today marks just 8 months to go. It’s springtime, so you know what that means… it’s baseball season! Wait a second—there’s baseball at the Northpole? Well, kind of… Santa, the elves, the reindeer, and especially Raymond love to watch baseball on the TV.

Not only does Raymond love baseball, but he also loves many other sports. Remember when Raymond went to London, England during the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Raymond has been very excited about baseball for several weeks. He watches it whenever he can, talks about it quite a bit, and pretends to play baseball with snowballs.

One afternoon when Raymond was taking his mid-day nap, he fell into a deep sleep and dreamt about baseball.

In his dream, he went to a baseball park.

He stood on home plate, pretending to slide into home, scoring the win!

Then he trotted around the pitcher’s mound.

He even dreamt he got a signed baseball by his favorite player.

He wanted to try on the fielder’s glove, but it didn’t fit him. Silly Raymond! That’s not how you wear a baseball glove!

When he woke up, Raymond excitedly told everyone at Santa’s Secret Village about his dream!

Later that night, Raymond found a baseball next to his pillow. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all 😉


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10 comments on “Raymond’s Sporty Dream

  • Roger Imholz said:

    Hello Mary,
    So good of you to write these blogs. Tell Raymond he can stay with us if he ever travels to Switzerland!
    Best wishes,

  • breanna campbell said:

    i think the pictures are so cute

  • Becky

    Becky said:

    @ Roger ~ We’ll definitely let Raymond know! He does love to travel 😉

    @ Breanna ~ So glad you like the pictures!

  • Brittany said:

    I love the pictures. they are so cute. and please tell Raymond that I said hi and he should come to south carolina

  • amanda stott said:

    i love you raymond

  • Lacy Roscoe said:

    I like those pictures and tell Raymond I said hi and love him.

  • Collin said:

    So cute. Heart u Ramond. Tell Santa I said hi. Can you email me the recipes for Mrs.Claus’ cookie recipe. Thanks alot.

    XOXO- Leppy Leprechaun

  • abby dwyer said:

    hope he had fun 😉

  • Libby Caprioli said:

    nice story. keep up the good work.

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