Raymond Around the World: India

So we all saw that Raymond had fun chowing down on frites and gaufres while in Brussels, Belgium. Where else in the world do you think Raymond travelled to?

If you guessed India, you would be correct! Raymond spent some time in northern India, and one of the cities he visited was Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. Unfortunately, reindeer are not allowed in the Taj Mahal 🙁

Raymond still had fun though—riding in auto rickshaws, checking out the marble shops, and visiting Agra Fort. And while the Agra Fort is beautiful and interesting in its own right, one of the best things about it is that you can see the Taj Mahal from there, just 2.5km up the Yamuna River.

Raymond at Agra Fort, taking a break from the Indian sun in the shade. [Spot the Taj?]
Raymond peering out at the Taj Mahal from Agra Fort

Where else do you think Raymond went this year? Stay tuned to find out! 🙂


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6 comments on “Raymond Around the World: India

  • CAY said:

    U must have had fun!!!! I wish!!

  • sarah :) said:

    i want you to come to the usa. i follow him all around the globe every year.:):):):)

  • Grace said:

    That looked like fun Raymond!

  • Trinity said:

    How do you be able to track were the reindeer are?

  • Becky

    Becky said:

    @ Trinity ~ Raymond gives us the photos from his travels 😉

  • Katelynn said:

    Very cool, and nice pics!

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